Membership Levels & Dues

Primary Member

Must be a professional artist, writer, musician or producer of music. Member will have access to ALL base member benefits and optional benefits.

Member $60.00 annually

Member + 1 $99.00 annually


Associate Member

A fan\supporter or non-Primary or Corporate member. Member will have access to all non-Primary Member “specific” benefits and all other base and optional benefits.

Member $99.00 annually

Member +1 149.00 annually

Corporate Member

A business offering a benefit to be realized by our Primary or Associate members. Membership will provide five (5) individual Associate Memberships, annual spot light posting and banner ad, first option on all event and promotion opportunities and 15% off all advertising.

Annually $1,200.00

Three Year $3,000.00

Enrolling is simple and fast. Just select your proper membership below and complete the enrollment and payment form. Once enrolled you will receive a welcome email with further instructions for logging in and accessing your special benefits discounts and value offerings. Insure you enroll using the email address for receiving the association updates and notifications.